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  3. Currently for non-gamepad users, the default controls are awful and nonsensical for newcomers, and even older users who decide to try playing without a gamepad. Example: hands; by default, the left hand is swung with the right mouse button, and the right hand is swung with the left mouse button. It simply does not make sense outside of the argument of the left hand being for passive items, such as blocks, which was nullified before PC's release with properly dual-wielding support. Another would be the default drop keys: 1 for dropping items in the left hand, 2 for the right. Not only do this make no sense and can cause in-game consequences for inexperienced users (dropping their tools into deep lakes or into lava), but it is not consistent with the rest of the numbers, which do as expected and swap the hand to that cursor position in the hotbar. There are plenty of other issues regarding the default controls, and they should be redone to be less horrid for everyone to use. The image provided is every input available for modifying in-game, with my suggestions for a better default binding and comments.
  4. Update Features: Bug that caused the game to freeze when accepting a player invite fixed Locked Bow/Arrow/Flint Flake on V1.1 Creative maps fixed (for real this time) Punching (Does damage without using tools) Zones (Spawn, Edit, PvP): these can only be seen by admins/owner of the world Admin target added to Sentry Turrets
  5. 1.6 Changes: Bug fixes Memory improvements, massive worlds can now be saved "Waiting for Game Data" removed when joining other worlds Improved world joining; Less dropped connections and Xbox freezes Contents of Chests and Furnaces protected by Grief Permission Destroying Spawn Blocks protected by Grief Permission Destroying Shops protected by Grief Permission Editing NPC speech protected by Grief Permission Killing NPC's protected by Grief Permission Spiders now only drop items with a shop value > 800 gold Increased movement speed through water Auto repeat placement no longer requires Grief Permission Legendary mode blueprint placement fixed Button X now lifts half a stack Hippie , Knight and Cowboy unlockables fixed Woven leaves must now be crafted Spiders now much more aggressive (Beware!) InvaderMan is easier to unlock Additions: Server/World Database (see below) Save permission and remote saves Crate block added, a cheap block, up to 20 slots Fence Block added (not fully functional) Finite resources toggle, Creative maps can behave like Dig Deep maps Locked Doors, Sentry Turrets, Steel Spikes, 6 new Arrow types, Sun Block added Replaced pain sound for female avatars New Light Box, same strength as sunlight, an alternative to torches Creative Measure operation Server/ World Database: The Game now remembers all the worlds you visit The join screen indicates if you have visited a world before You can flag worlds as favourites The join screen shows the map name The join screen shows the overall rating AND your rating 1.65 Fixes: Rename World and Copy World bugs fixed Storage / saving problems Saving bluescreen Shopping bluescreen Several other bluescreens fixed Player invites Player permissions Server ratings Unlockables no longer reset Server database will no longer reset Remote gamers getting stuck while walking Crafting glitch (not using all stacks) Golden Knight and King glitch Shop block pickups are now destructable Turrets target changes no longer local only PvP bug fixed Page 3 of item shop now shows in split-screen Bows and Arrows now unlocked for v1.1 creative maps Various other smaller bugs/glitches fixed Improvements to reduce host and remote load during MP games New special seed added Note: There were no updates between v1.6 and v1.65
  6. General Changes: Bug Fixes Out of Memory errors reduced Auto Save intoduced Beds added More Food Types added Bows and Arrows added Locked Chest added Craftable Shops introduced Improved Blueprint Finder Unlockables/Avatars introduced Placeable NPC's with custom speech bubbles introduced Online Multiplayer: An Xbox Live Gold account is required to play online multiplayer Guests are supported System Link games are supported Up to 24 players online Up to 4 local players Private slots supported Existing worlds supported Dig Deep and Creative modes supported Player Invites supported Player Permissions Anti-Grief measures Servers rateable Player nameplates Note: There were no updates between v1.1 and v1.5
  7. General Changes: Lots of bug fixes Lots of exploit fixes Signs added Wood and Brick Stairs added Wood and Steel Doors added Total Invaders Arcade block added
  8. 2.7 The Dig Deep game mode is now enabled. General changes: PRESS ANY KEY prompt removed from startup screen. Enemy NPCs now attack as expected. Rock layer transition noise. Hotbar Mouse wheel now works properly for single hand wielding. NPC spawn block loot tables disabled for Dig Deep and Survival game modes. Some gamepad/keyboard icon fixes. PgUp/PgDn keys swapped for Books. Inputs added for dropping items directly from hotbar, and rebuild local light. Some RAM management tweaks. Some anti-piracy measures implemented. Script Mob commands changed to NPC. (Mob still supported for backwards compatability). AI and dialog options added to NPC spawn script command. A few other small bug fixes. Mod Changes: Some C# API changes. Manage Mods item removed from Setup menu. Use the Lobby screen instead. Added support for modded multiplayer servers (GetPluginNet). Added support for Arcade block game custom resolution. Added support for large numbers of new modded items. Shop screen has page #; Added CanBreatheUnderWater and ShowHitBoxes to NPC xml. 2.71 Fixed corrupting saves bug 2.73 Dig Deep Blueprint and Wisdom Scroll fixes. Several internal improvements and fixes. C# Modding API expanded. C# Modding API doc updates (xml).
  9. 2.6 Initial PC/Steam release New NPC Dialog and Behaviors New Pause Menu GUI Key Textures for Keyboard inputs Mod API released Custom Input Bindings Virtual Keyboard Added 2.61 Minor bug fixes
  10. General Changes: Corner ramps (auto) Posts can be positioned in corners Ramps2, Stairs2, Halfblocks2, Stacks2, Post2, MT2 (for more textures) 6 new tech blocks (most emit light) 5 new color blocks 2 new crops 15 herbs Demigods are now unlockable New [*move] MobState script command option IsInZone and SetRegionAux script commands Added var [hash:text], [eye:x|y|z], [sqrt:x] SetEventScript accepts position and scale for Button events Bugs Fixed: Measure and Remove Marker menu items swapped Item script command properties clamped Heal property added to Item script command Chat log filters not showing sent messages Decimal point spam on number entry windows Script particle command not finding custom templates Script Skill command fix Script documentation fixes [r,g,b] now defaults alpha to 255 Sphere tool capped when using multiple markers Handyman and Chef unlockable fixed Some textures realigned Creative tool seed / remote synch problems fixed Script IsRandom [rand:x] remote synch fixed Locked Door key bug fixed Some sound issues fixed Some exploits removed CCTV flashing removed Messagebox NoCancel fixed HUD fixes Ramp lighting fixes Various other fixes
  11. 2.4 General Changes: Particle Emitter block added Original Remade texture pack added Total Rush arcade added Total Invaders reskin Musical Notes, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti added to Ambient Sounds Player Text Messaging (shortcut key: Dpad Up + A) Clan banners on player nameplates Setup screens added for each Creative tool Panes no longer connect to crops Dynamic clouds Wind - Affects clouds, particles, crops and flora Naturally falling leaf particles Worlds using the Work In Progress attribute do not prompt players for a rating Bugs Fixed: 4 blue screens fixed Several internal exceptions fixed Copy/Rename worlds Texture Pack fixes Single Wielding glitches Grenade Launcher durability Some blueprints not generating Pause Menu freeze (Controller 1) Map Owner for remotes on new maps Single Player Pause cancels floods Teflon texture not being retained as block falls Sentry Turrets not using Bronze arrows Texture Pack switching causing crashes Blueprint finder pointing to an empty space Crouching under Trapdoors can cause instant death Sudden lag if the game is paused for several minutes Incorrect sounds playing while on the loading screen Placing doors with auto placement can break them again Zones not updating properly if their bounds are edited Opening a Locked Door with a switch only opens half the door Script Additions: Loop command Explosion command HasPlayer command IsBlockTexture command SetEventScript command Particle command ParticleEmitter command AddPickup script command changed to Pickup [r,g,b] parameter added to Notify script command [clear] parameter added to Pickup script command to clear all pickup's [count] parameter now supports history substitution for a number of script commands (see docs) Scripts are now compiled to bytecode (more efficient execution) Some script execution diagnostics Better script syntax error checking Script Bugs Fixed: Unequip fixed Spawning invalid Mob types Some script coordinate offset issues Add [clan] specifiers to script documentation Player Leaves event script causing purple screen Editing a script comment command adds extra slashes Zone's not updating properly if their bounds are edited Zone script commands applying when Test Syntax is selected Renaming/Deleting Scripts not updating Adventure/Event scripts Assigning/unassigning Event scripts not propagating to remotes Assigning/unassigning Adventure scripts not propagating to remotes Access to the Adventure script menu now requires Adventure permission Test Script syntax incorrectly reporting invalid coordinates when relative coordinates used 2.42 General Changes: New block: CoverBlock (Grass, Snow, Ice, Dirt textures) New Item: Decal Applicator Decals: Cracks, Bloodsplat, Slime, Dirt, Scorchmark, Cobweb, Bloodscratch, Mesh, Woodbracing, Footprint, Moss, Bones Sunboxes and Powered Lights now texturable Text Messages show target audience Text Message Presets support folders Text Message Log Custom ParticleEmitter block templates Copy ParticleEmitter block settings to Script editor clipboard Community made Clan Banners added (see forums) Sideways Wood, Birch, Crate, Retro, Rasta Global Scripts - Prefix a script name with 'Global\' to make it a global script New script commands: IsNameplate, SetNameplate, Kick, Exit, HUDBar Updated Script Documentation Script particles support player relative positions without block snap Script particles support player view relative velocity Replace Text option in script editor Open Script option in script editor Option to view all Clan Banners New Texture Pack: Cyberpunk by "PWRBTTN" and "Dryym" Bugs Fixed: Skills/Unlockables data not saving for some gamers Server tags not saving for some gamers Force English format when parsing numbers Renaming Auto-Save files makes them unloadable Admins option to Kick host (removed) Network packet bug with Teflon SetEventScript not working for all blocks/items SystemShops and TextChat permissions re-enabling Pressure Plates not activating for remotes Tooltips toggle on Options screen History/HasHistory script command bug Scripted message boxes required A, X or Y option Arcade Block mining sound Total Rush Glitch fixed - Highscores reset Underwater/Spectating glitch Script to Script coordinate issues IsClock script command wasn't supporting history substitution A proximity detector issue Texture pack paintings LOD not loading for same texture pack on 2nd world load CCTV now supports TintColor [player] Many other minor bug fixes 2.43 Additions: New Blocks: Stack, UpsideDownStack New Items: Wand, 6 Staves, 3 Potions Item Options - enable/disable specific item use in your world New script commands: MobHealth, MobState, Intersect, Context, SetBlockScript OpenBlock script command supports NPC speech bubble NPC Setup screen supports empty speech (no speech bubble will open) Improved item swing synch between remotes Decal Applicator use now more user friendly Players can now turn off their own voice chat permission Matchmaking screen now supports sorting by column Temporary (player specific, scripted) Zones Stackable Snowlayers Voice Chat indicator Bugs Fixed: Bad Highscore data which can cause problems creating or loading worlds Bluescreen when editing a script command that was extended using Replace text Scripts not executing when player has Guide Keyboard open Global Scripts problem on shared worlds Save times dramatically increased because of Global Scripts (fixed) Toggling Skills on/off temporarily corrupted players Health bar NPC text can only be changed by owner if Show Owner is on Coverblock footprint noise, texture replace names, and top face texture Decal changes not always transmitted to remotes Able to use Decal Applicator in no edit zones, Decal Applicator item texture flipped Now need either Creative or Admin permission to set an arcade game World Ratings now viewable in game by remotes Door texturing and lighting issues Locked Chest/Decal mixup Paintings LOD Texture problem Pasting sideways blocks HUDBar alignment issues 2.44 General Changes: Health Block Chat log filters Sphere creative tool Avatar instance cap removed 12 new Potion items + Bullet item 5 new Decals + Cracks and Stained Glass as Decals and 1 new Cover block Instant reseed on map preview screen Proximity setting on Particle Emitter blocks Improved PRNG (more efficient, less predictable, better dispersion) Option to copy a book to a script (press left bumper on the book) Marker blocks can now be replaced with Creative Replace tool Picking a Stack block also picks its level (Unequip to reset) Skill icons available from shop (must enable in item options first) Players now require Creative permission to break Invisible Barrier blocks Clan protection game option (members of same clan cannot attack each other) Now must be in a world for at least 2 minutes before you can rate Non participating visitors and their rates will be purged (less than 60 secs in map) GK reset. Host your world and get 1 rate to unlock again Script Additions: Variables 12 new script commands: Var, IsVar, Input, Blueprint, Item, SetSphere, HasStatBonus, HUDCounter, HUDShape, HUDText, IsBlockOpen, IsBlockResistance SetEventScript [ItemEquip,ItemUnequip,ButtonX,ButtonY,ButtonB] All item event scripts for ItemSwing, ItemEquip and ItemUnequip Menu/MessageBox [NoCancel] Context [killer] Cursor, Target and Killer relative coordinates HasSkill command now accepts Combat and Total IsBlockLit changed to IsLit and IsLight Global\System examples RAM usage added to script diagnostics Mobs killed with Health or MobHealth commands now execute their kill script Additional option on CCTV command Additional keyboard support Search and Replace options Bugs Fixed: Stack block side texture fix Stack block/Upside Down Stack block placement inconsistencies Stack blocks and Snow layers now drop same number as level when broken Snow layers collision when stacked (4 or more levels) HUDBar fixes Looting exploit Flint Arrow description Not Used 78 - Replace Texture Script IsEquipped command fixed MobState command affecting players Yliaster, Eitr, and Ichor Potion stat Intersect command has no documentation Splinter animation not using full texture Marker block placement removing other blocks ParticleEmitter script command docs (gravity) Copy particle settings to clipboard bug (gravity) Adding a new history inside a folder duplicates the folder Temp zones no longer created when created relative to a mob Some hand held durability issues fixed (e.g. Water Talisman) Arcade Highscores updated across session in real-time; GT added Opening the Item Options screen unlocks all items on DD and Survival worlds Items with no durability shouldn't be removed when swung with an ItemSwingEvent script assigned Some minor item skill level tweaks Note: v2.41 was the submitted version after an issue regarding XBLIG publishing nullifying v2.4's release; change noted were minor fixes.
  12. General Changes: Clan History Clans are now saved on the world file Zone builder can now also be a Clan Pane (Retexturable) and Stained Glass Pane block Post (thick post) block (with new texture). Retexturable Marker block and Exclude Marker block textures added to Multi Texture block Cloud block is now retexturable Cave generation toggle on Creative maps Game now pauses when Pause Menu is opened in Single Player games You can now place blocks on top of ramps Escape can now be disabled for a zone Script Aliases (short names) Support for player relative script coordinates [delete] option added to Rain and Hail script commands All script commands that use 2D coords now support relative coordinates Adventure Scripts: Admin assigned scripts that any player can execute for themselves Event Driven Scripts: Admin assigned scripts that automatically execute on certain game events [admin|clan|remote] option added to script notify command [gamertag|clan|history|syshistory|clanhistory] text substitution now available in all script commands that use a [text] parameter New Script Commands: Health - Allows manipulation of player health points SetReach - Allows control of the distance players can reach (target) blocks OpenBlock - Opens container blocks and presents the transfer interface IsGamerCount - Queries the number of gamers in the session IsBlockEdited - Queries if the block at a location has been edited IsBlockLightSource - Queries if the block at a location is a light source (emits light) IsBlockLit - Queries if the block at a location contains light IsBlockOre - Queries if the block at a location is an ore block IsBlockPassable - Queries if a player can pass through the block at a location IsBlockDeliveringPower - Queries if a block is delivering power (to adjacent blocks) IsBlockReceivingPower - Queries if a block is receiving power from an adjacent power emitting block (This command has replaced the old IsPowered command) IsBlockSolid - Queries if the block at a location is a solid block (players cannot see through it or see through parts of it) IsClock - Queries the current game hour (24 hour clock) IsDayTime - Queries if it is currently Day time IsNightTime - Queries if it is currently Night time New Items: Chisel New Blocks: Pane StainedGlassPane Post PolishedBasalt PolishedAndesite PolishedDacite PolishedDiorite PolishedTuff PolishedSerpentine PolishedGabbro PolishedGranite PolishedKomatiite PolishedMarble PolishedRhyolite PolishedGreenstone PolishedBasaltBrick PolishedAndesiteBrick PolishedDaciteBrick PolishedDioriteBrick PolishedTuffBrick PolishedSerpentineBrick PolishedGabbroBrick PolishedGraniteBrick PolishedKomatiiteBrick PolishedMarbleBrick PolishedRhyoliteBrick PolishedGreenstoneBrick Bugs Fixed: Code 4 (bluescreen) when saving new components on a new component pack 15 other unique Code 4 (bluescreen) errors fixed Zone edit screen text miss alignment Sign texture select bug (Dig Deep only) Multi-texture block walking sound Mobs that just won't die Host not updated with Remote script deletions Inventory Move script command fix Some SetBlock script command validation added Painting and Locked Chest textures re-included Some Teleport fixes Eating (and related) bug Single wielding fixes Key's can't be placed on the ground MC360 Control Scheme bug Cylinder texture on Winter HD Dozens of internal exceptions fixed
  13. 2.2 General Changes: Dual Wielding (Both Hands) introduced Single Wielding (Left or Right Hand) introduced Skills Revamp[1] Bobbing (optional) introduced Terrain preview from Lobby introduced Terrain custom tree frequency introduced Generate Trees creative tool added Some new Blocks and Items added Some weapon stats rebalancing System Shops and View Scripts permissions added Stained Glass (16 colors) added Sound, SkyColor, TintColor, IsRandom, MessageBox, Menu, Clan, IsClan, Skill[2], SkillAddXP script commands added Mining tool power and XP rebalancing Set Zone builder via Zone script command introduced Some new item swinging animations Held out shield gives double deflection chance Stepping sound management improved Arrows break glass blocks Arrows power script blocks on/off Tweaks to mob spawning on Skill enabled Survival worlds Using Bonemeal on a Sapling now causes the tree to grow even if Finite Resources is off Triggers can now be used for Page Up/Down on World Select screen, Unlockables screen and others Remote avatars now show items held in both hands Around 50 other minor tweaks and improvements [1]: Skills Revamp. Total XP needed to reach level 99 is reduced to around 2 million. Local XP worlds supported - All players will start at level 1 when they first enter the world. Their XP is saved against the world so when they rejoin, their XP is set to what it was when they last left the world. Local XP worlds currently do not affect a players Global XP. XP Multiplier for Local XP worlds. The host can choose the rate of XP gain (as a multiplier against the standard rate). [2]: The Skill command allows scripts to set the Skill level of a player on worlds using Local XP. The SkillAddXP command allows scripts to add XP to a players current XP for a skill, on worlds using Local XP. Bugs Fixed: Major improvements to Multiplayer loading times Player maximum walking speed too slow (particularly on diagonals) Some unlockable avatar requirement bugs fixed Components with recently added textureable blocks not loading Problem of sign text being lost is fixed Keyboard input screen going into a hard loop Grave markers not showing unless there is at least one normal marker Gravity bug not allowing climbing up stairs, ramps, half blocks Can hurt oneself if flying upwards too fast HasInventory [true|false] parameter fixed Move and Copy script commands affected by No Edit zones Matchmaking screen now shows world file size correctly Spawn timing fixed on MobSpawner blocks Proximity block bug fixed NPC dialog screen bug in Multiplayer A couple of instant death bug fixes Some script Test Syntax bugs fixed Some circuitry errors fixed (phantom power) Some networking errors fixed Teleports bug fixed Shop bug fixed Around 50 other minor bug fixes 2.21 General Changes: A new creative marker block (Exclude Marker) Burning furnaces now power adjacent blocks World time/date stamp introduced Three new script commands added +|- modifier added to Skill script command Fixes Completed: Code 4 (bluescreen) when loading a world (before lobby screen opens) Code 4 (bluescreen) when backing out of the Find Sessions screen Code 4 (bluescreen) if you die when changing items on a menu screen Code 4 (bluescreen) when viewing history under certain conditions Code 4 (bluescreen) when joining a share session by invite Game freeze if you shoot an arrow in bedrock Skill levels not always transmitting to remotes Mob spawners not spawning or sporadic Natural passive and enemy mobs sometimes not spawning Markers bugs Ambient torch light under water HasInventory [false] Spiders fall damage Safes not requiring power to open Building in player space Breaking a Wifi Receiver doesn't give a pick up Spiders spawning on creative maps even when enemy mobs are turned off Some avatars can't walk through a 2 block high gap Copying Wifi Transmitters Copying Ambient Sound Blocks Some Unlockables fixes (Soldier/Indian/Caveman) Shop permission not turned on in pre-2.2 worlds Buckets not requiring edit permission to fill Ice Ring not degrading Incorrect dig speed on single wielding Placement sound played when swinging at air on single wielding Artifacts left when replacing certain blocks in a clipboard NPC models remaining after the NPC has been changed NPC Talk Scripts not activating if there is a Wait command AddPickup script command spawning a pickup for every remote player History log edits not propagating to remotes Action log updates not propagating to remotes Excessive/incorrect Level up messages Not equipping another stack of the same block if the current stack runs out Half doors problem Arrows keys too sensitive Upside down spikes not causing damage Possible Titanium War Hammer problem Blueprint bug Clipboard render bug Negative gravity causes sound spam All permission types added to HasPermission script command Shops & Viewscripts added to Permission script command IsBlock script command now recognizes Bedrock Relative Coordiantes no longer cause script syntax errors Some incorrect Mining/Use skill requirement info fixed Sledge Hammers not able to break Spider Eggs Skill script command 1 XP short of level Single Wield bug
  14. 2.1 General Changes: World saving stability greatly improved World file size reduced in some cases Major Audio System overhaul 100+ new Sound effects 41 Full length Music Tracks - Over 3.5 hours of music Song Shuffle Audio notification when a player joins your world Global Skills Highscore Table Title Screen Settings - Carry your settings to all maps Massive update of new Script commands Full Script command documentation available in game More varied terrain generation Terrain generation parameters exposed Natural Flat world Animated Liquid Physics Weather: Rain, Hail, Fog New Path, Wall and Line Creative tools added Multiple clipboards in inventory supported HUD Compass introduced HUD Position Adjuster introduced Player Waypoints introduced All NPCs are now unlocked NPCs can now be named NPC blocks now work like Mob Spawn blocks New progress screen for Unlockable Avatars Zone Folders supported Component Folders supported Script Folders supported History Folders supported Sun and Moon back glow Improved sunrise/sunset lighting New Skilling and WIP Map Attributes introduced Proximity Detector block, replacing Proximity Mine One Way Glass and Steel Spikes now support multi-texture Upside down Steel Spikes introduced Binoculars added Bugs Fixed: Zone Builder Clipboard Replace Photo Album bluescreen Join Session bluescreen Marker block fixes CopyRegion script command Max Sign text limit fixed Other Script fixes Phantom WIFI Power problems Spider Rings no longer work on Invisible Barriers Lag caused by large zones Sections of map not loading (void sections) Mob Spawner fixes Over 100 other fixes and internal improvements 2.11 General Changes: Admin/Save/Grief permissions have been reset for all except host due to the 2.1 permission exploit Combat Level Difference option (by World and Zone) introduced Zone Speed and Gravity Multipliers introduced Use of Lava buckets and Spider Eggs moved to Grief permission Manual updating of Global Highscores table (rather than automatic) Measure tool improvements Script Documentation updated Multi-line support in Script Editor Script Test Syntax now ignores blank lines Wait commands can now be used in NPC Talk scripts Script Inventory command can now be used to stock player shops (Creative only) Teflon supports multiple textures Multi-Texture block supports One Way Glass texture Blocks usable with creative tools have been reviewed, with more options now available Improvements in bandwidth management for online games should give more consistent loading Bug Fixes: Components with signs not loading Terminator Unlockable Max length of component names Hotbar disappearing Wall and path tool errors in multiplayer Spectate not showing weather effects properly Dig Deep to Creative world conversion Matchmaking screen not showing world file size Relative script coordinates Script permission command glitch Remote History from Kill Scripts Dialogs with long text Flying collision damage removed Hail Damage when above clouds Spike textures Proximity Detector blueprint Texture pack bugs Player held items not drawing properly in fog Some Pre-1.8 world conversion fixes Some glitches and exploits Some internal networking errors 26 unique bluescreens
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  16. 2.0 General Changes: 110 new Items 19 new Blocks 9 new Mobs 15 new Music tracks Player Skills System WIFI Powered Circuitry Crop Farming and new food items Scripts Player Hot Bar Player Change Logs Enchanted Jewellery with special powers "SkyWorld" and "SpaceWorld" flat maps Improved Combat system Customizable Mob Spawners Customizable Mob Drop Tables Improved Ore generation More custom gameplay options Many Bug fixes Major engine and RAM footprint improvements Smoother Multiplayer loading and gameplay 2.01 General Changes: Add Skills filter to matchmaking screen Increase slow flying speed by 40% Bug Fixes: Skills not initializing properly on first use Purple screen when using a controller that is not controller 1 Empty chests Locked chests and doors Removed 'Change Device' option on Pause Menu Save. It can cause lost Avatars/Skills Some maps freezing on the load screen, or shortly after Inability to join Dig Deep maps How To screen bluescreen Opening Permission info screen bluescreen Other bluescreens Private Slots In game music (not playing) Local/global script notification option and inability to use capitals in the notification text All issues with script commands Document [percent] parameter in the script ClearRegion command Skeleton key bugs Spy holes Drowning speed Shop access permission Nameplate visibility Milk Bottle as usable food Control Scheme 1.9 fixed 2.02 General Changes: Hotbar transparency option added Hotbar right hand cursor color changed to white Hotbar now shows the names of the currently equipped items Hotbar now allows cursor movement of both cursors in both directions Sign Text capacity doubled Torches added to Item Shop Weapon mining times adjusted Teleport script command added Player Skill Level Up notifications added Player Waiting To Sleep notification added Mob Kill notifications removed (excluding Diablo) Xbox Notifications moved to Top Right of screen Player Health generation speed is now a constant Option to toggle natural Mob spawning in Creative Mobs option added to Zones in all game modes except Survival Mobs now only attack other mobs that are not fighting, to reduce converging Players can now strike with every punch (hand combat) Waiting scripts no longer use up a background thread Night time enemy mobs now only spawn in area's with no light Coal now spawns near the surface and occasionally on the surface All Ores now more plentiful, especially Coal, Iron, Carbon and Gold Max Hit calculation changed Max Health (hit points) calculation changed (Level 1 players now start at 10 HP) Mob Combat levels recalculated to use new Max Hit and HP calculation changes Scripts available to use in Dig Deep only once the Script Block blueprint has been found Prospecting a block copies it's coordinates to the Script Editor clipboard for easy pasting into scripts Bugs Fixed: 4 Bluescreen error fixes Healing others fixed Rupture HD texture pack fixes Hotbar sometimes disappearing Remotes not getting Looting XP Bonemeal overwriting some blocks Code 4 Map caused by too many markers Chests not emitting power when opened Blueprints changing to Gold Coin blueprints Mob Custom Health Mobs dropping locked items in Dig Deep Admins can no longer edit inside spawn zones Sometimes chunk graphics don't reload after edits Explosions detonated by power bypass Blast permission Not For Sale items icon carrying over to system shops Player proximity is inaccurate when placing blocks Player health starting at 1 when joining a new world Player health / strength levels not updated correctly to remotes XP gained is more than 1 level (e.g., looting) causes extended green bar and negative xp to next level value Saving components with invalid characters causes a Code 4 error Clear block lag causing ability to place blocks on a block that should be cleared already Overhead Map load freeze Overhead Map graveyard markers not being removed after some time has elapsed Overhead Map graveyard markers being saved/loaded as normal markers Overhead Map admin markers being saved/loaded as normal markers 10 different exploits fixed 2.03 General Changes: Zone behaviour New Zone option to specify a script to be executed when a player enters the zone New Zone script command. Allows scripts to dynamically add/delete/modify zones New [absolute|relative] option on script teleport command Local players on the Host Xbox no longer need basic permissions granted to them on a new map Players in a No-PvP zone can neither attack another player nor be attacked by another player Bug Fixes: Bugs relating to loss of Unlockables and Skill Levels Incorrect Level Up message Teleport to Player sometimes did not work Opening Chests cause adjacent Locked Doors to open even if the player does not have access Players could not attack when frozen by an Ice Ring or Ice Arrow Sentry Turrets not damaging remote players Wait command on scripts not always working correctly Shop pricelists and when used in components Balancing issues and exploits Accepting invites and joining sessions in progress Internal exceptions and bluescreens Spy holes
  17. 1.9 Bugs Fixed: Top view map bluescreen Networking bluescreen Zones screen bluescreen Ambient sound block update bluescreen Require Edit permission to change block textures/keys/teleport channels/paintings etc; Permissions have been changed Player permissions are now remembered across sessions Conversion problems; Losing modified block flag (stops caving in etc) Locked items Kicking bug All known duplication glitches Regular FPS drops/pauses on converted worlds Block edit/place lag Furnace bug Problem using default textures on Dig Deep for signs, slabs, ramps, etc Can't destroy Locked Doors from the bottom Owner can't stock gold in a player owned block shop Mobs not spawning until the following night if a world is loaded during the night cycle Map property corruption (e.g. changing from Dig Deep to Creative or map properties becoming corrupt) Mob sound glitch (when despawning) Mobs despawning into caves Max book count set to 128, set to 4 by mistake (only books with writing in them count) Ambient Sound Block locked in DD maps Collision bug (Death walking on Stairs, Slabs, etc) Map markers now propagate to all machines The current season is now saved correctly Player owned shops can now stock all items on Legendary difficulty Sleep til Sunrise on Multiplayer Additions: Teleport to Player and Teleport to Map Marker (Creative and Admin only) Ducks now drop feathers Saplings/Dirt available on Desert Survival (for Legendary) Easy mode added (no boom arrows on Survival) Zombie unlockable Indian Mob skin replaced 1.91 Bugs Fixed: Game -> Statistics bluescreen Reinstate Shop Blocks for host on new survival maps (Easy and Normal difficulties) Teleport to Marker disabled bug Bug causing craftable items to be locked on the craft select list in both Survival and Creative maps Hippie unlock fixed Player placed Spider eggs not spawning spiders after a save/quit/load Permission control by multiple local players Additions: Pressure Plates (1st cut). Steel Doors (bottom) and C4 will react to pressure plates Admins can access infinite system shops even when Finite Resources is on (Creative only) Option for Host to set new player spawn items (Creative only) Option for Host to reset the spawn points for all players who have visited the map. Likely used as a once off to 'fix' problems caused in previous versions allowing players into area's they shouldn't have been allowed into Lobby Screen option to convert a Dig Deep or Survival world to a Creative world (One-way conversion) Players who joined before the permission redesign update will be reset to the default permissions A maps default permissions is visible on the Available Sessions screen Ore deposit frequency in Survival and Creative maps improved New Game Mode: Peaceful; same as Survival but no mobs and no injury 1.92 Bugs Fixed: Shop bluescreen Setting Key bluescreen If you set a key that was not the skeleton key, then set the key back to the skeleton key, it used another slot for the skeleton key instead of using slot 1 Picking a Pressure Plate does not remember it's texture If you changed a block texture to anything other than the default, then changed it back to the default, the chunk graphics were not refreshed (with the newly selected texture) until some other update triggered a refresh Add Book bluescreen Saved Peaceful game modes loading as Creative Non Creative Maps that were converted to Creative maps have anomalies in terrain generation Sometimes buying a blank slot on the shop screen will lock up the Xbox Fix remote avatar item swing animation Doors are not supposed to open when a neighbour pressure plate is removed Crouched Wall glitching Mobs triggering Pressure Plates; Zombies and Spiders trigger pressure plates Ducks don't, they're too light Dryads and Djinn don't, they hover Remotes not able to join worlds that have a difficulty setting of Easy Fix corrupted map properties on affected maps Pasting outside the map can freeze the Xbox or cause serious lag Sand and Basalt deposits on Grasslands biome Dirt deposits on Desert biome Sentry Turret and Proximity Mine targeting bugs A few other minor bug fixes General Changes: Pressure plates now work for Locked Doors, but only if you are permitted to open them Graphic's option to toggle Cloud Drawing off Time Fast-Forwarding/Reversing for Admins on Creative maps No Clip for Admins on Creative maps Rock splintering and mining particles are now visible for remote avatars Grief Permission: Protection against Blasts and Floods (moved from Creative permission) Permissions screen changed; If the player is not host or admin, they can view only their permissions Permissions screen has been moved from the Multiplayer menu to the Player menu. This is so that it can be accessed in single player games. Spawn Inventory is now applied regardless of Finite Resources (previously it was only applied if Finite Resources was on) Block targeting on edges of map improved
  18. Internal Changes: New Memory Model New Lighting Engine New Save system Anti-modding encryption Features Introduced: Survival Game Mode (Alpha) Day/Night Cycle Seasonal Changes HD Texture Packs (All seasons) New Biome Based Terrain (Desert, Grasslands,and Semi-Alpine) Dig Deep map size increased Top View Map with Markers Player Ghosting Economy (Player shops) Sleeping on beds Copy/Paste Components (Sharing enabled) Camera/Photo Album (Sharing enabled) Teleport Channels Creative Flooding Field Of View Slider Bookcases now have storage Controller Sensitivity range increased Sound effect improvements Items and Blocks Added: 27 Keys Rare Items Gold Block Cactus Block Porticullis[sic] Block Rock Wall Block Steel Plating Block One Way Glass Block Proximity Mine Block Terracotta Tile Block Ambient Sounds Block Guilded[sic] Wood Panel Block Snow and Snow Layer Block Scaffold Block (Climbable) Climbing Ivy Block (Climbable) Half Block (16 textures) Sign Block (16 textures) Stairs Block (16 textures) Ramp Block (16 textures) Table Block (16 textures) Fence Block (16 textures) Multi-Texture Block (16 textures) Wall Paintings (16 player pictures) Books (players can write stories in them) Placeable Water and Lava blocks
  19. Now with PC release having been established for a while, it can be safe to conclude that particles have a lot more freedom to exist in-game, and should be taken advantage of for a more polishing look to some of the game's aspects. Such would be general explosive particle(s), a small trail attached to both Dryads and Djinns, and while swimming in the water.
  20. Noticed that too, only happens when you scroll all the way to bottom for topics page, I will try and do something about but it may take some time to get around too since it's really minor since only affects mods, and likely need to contact help to fix.
  21. Plans are to disable it, and later use a different theme for light theme, not priority for me to work on light theme atm though
  22. The "Default" (Light) theme for the website is noticeably neglected, and should either be disabled for users or better dealt with.
  23. Not that option menu, if you select at least one checkbox in a subforum, that bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  24. Looks fine on my iPad. What device you using? Personally I hate the icons, rather just have words like the drop down box.
  25. The bottom copyright text can appear over the moderation toolbar when managing topics.
  26. Posts in non-accessible boards (e.g., "Bug Reports [Internal]", when not signed in) are visible in the sidebar.
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