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1.9 - 1.92 Changelog

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Bugs Fixed:

  • Top view map bluescreen
  • Networking bluescreen
  • Zones screen bluescreen
  • Ambient sound block update bluescreen
  • Require Edit permission to change block textures/keys/teleport channels/paintings etc;
    • Permissions have been changed
    • Player permissions are now remembered across sessions
  • Conversion problems;
    • Losing modified block flag (stops caving in etc)
    • Locked items
  • Kicking bug
  • All known duplication glitches
  • Regular FPS drops/pauses on converted worlds
  • Block edit/place lag
  • Furnace bug
  • Problem using default textures on Dig Deep for signs, slabs, ramps, etc
  • Can't destroy Locked Doors from the bottom
  • Owner can't stock gold in a player owned block shop
  • Mobs not spawning until the following night if a world is loaded during the night cycle
  • Map property corruption (e.g. changing from Dig Deep to Creative or map properties becoming corrupt)
  • Mob sound glitch (when despawning)
  • Mobs despawning into caves
  • Max book count set to 128, set to 4 by mistake (only books with writing in them count)
  • Ambient Sound Block locked in DD maps
  • Collision bug (Death walking on Stairs, Slabs, etc)
  • Map markers now propagate to all machines
  • The current season is now saved correctly
  • Player owned shops can now stock all items on Legendary difficulty
  • Sleep til Sunrise on Multiplayer


  • Teleport to Player and Teleport to Map Marker (Creative and Admin only)
  • Ducks now drop feathers
  • Saplings/Dirt available on Desert Survival (for Legendary)
  • Easy mode added (no boom arrows on Survival)
  • Zombie unlockable
  • Indian Mob skin replaced


Bugs Fixed:

  • Game -> Statistics bluescreen
  • Reinstate Shop Blocks for host on new survival maps (Easy and Normal difficulties)
  • Teleport to Marker disabled bug
  • Bug causing craftable items to be locked on the craft select list in both Survival and Creative maps
  • Hippie unlock fixed
  • Player placed Spider eggs not spawning spiders after a save/quit/load
  • Permission control by multiple local players


  • Pressure Plates (1st cut). Steel Doors (bottom) and C4 will react to pressure plates
  • Admins can access infinite system shops even when Finite Resources is on (Creative only)
  • Option for Host to set new player spawn items (Creative only)
  • Option for Host to reset the spawn points for all players who have visited the map. Likely used as a once off to 'fix' problems caused in previous versions allowing players into area's they shouldn't have been allowed into
  • Lobby Screen option to convert a Dig Deep or Survival world to a Creative world (One-way conversion)
  • Players who joined before the permission redesign update will be reset to the default permissions
  • A maps default permissions is visible on the Available Sessions screen
  • Ore deposit frequency in Survival and Creative maps improved
  • New Game Mode: Peaceful; same as Survival but no mobs and no injury



Bugs Fixed:

  • Shop bluescreen
  • Setting Key bluescreen
  • If you set a key that was not the skeleton key, then set the key back to the skeleton key, it used another slot for the skeleton key instead of using slot 1
  • Picking a Pressure Plate does not remember it's texture
  • If you changed a block texture to anything other than the default, then changed it back to the default, the chunk graphics were not refreshed (with the newly selected texture) until some other update triggered a refresh
  • Add Book bluescreen
  • Saved Peaceful game modes loading as Creative
  • Non Creative Maps that were converted to Creative maps have anomalies in terrain generation
  • Sometimes buying a blank slot on the shop screen will lock up the Xbox
  • Fix remote avatar item swing animation
  • Doors are not supposed to open when a neighbour pressure plate is removed
  • Crouched Wall glitching
  • Mobs triggering Pressure Plates;
    • Zombies and Spiders trigger pressure plates
    • Ducks don't, they're too light
    • Dryads and Djinn don't, they hover
  • Remotes not able to join worlds that have a difficulty setting of Easy
  • Fix corrupted map properties on affected maps
  • Pasting outside the map can freeze the Xbox or cause serious lag
  • Sand and Basalt deposits on Grasslands biome
  • Dirt deposits on Desert biome
  • Sentry Turret and Proximity Mine targeting bugs
  • A few other minor bug fixes

General Changes:

  • Pressure plates now work for Locked Doors, but only if you are permitted to open them
  • Graphic's option to toggle Cloud Drawing off
  • Time Fast-Forwarding/Reversing for Admins on Creative maps
  • No Clip for Admins on Creative maps
  • Rock splintering and mining particles are now visible for remote avatars
  • Grief Permission: Protection against Blasts and Floods (moved from Creative permission)
  • Permissions screen changed; If the player is not host or admin, they can view only their permissions
  • Permissions screen has been moved from the Multiplayer menu to the Player menu. This is so that it can be accessed in single player games.
  • Spawn Inventory is now applied regardless of Finite Resources (previously it was only applied if Finite Resources was on)
  • Block targeting on edges of map improved

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