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2.0 - 2.03 Changelog

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General Changes:

  • 110 new Items
  • 19 new Blocks
  • 9 new Mobs
  • 15 new Music tracks
  • Player Skills System
  • WIFI Powered Circuitry
  • Crop Farming and new food items
  • Scripts
  • Player Hot Bar
  • Player Change Logs
  • Enchanted Jewellery with special powers
  • "SkyWorld" and "SpaceWorld" flat maps
  • Improved Combat system
  • Customizable Mob Spawners
  • Customizable Mob Drop Tables
  • Improved Ore generation
  • More custom gameplay options
  • Many Bug fixes
  • Major engine and RAM footprint improvements
  • Smoother Multiplayer loading and gameplay


General Changes:

  • Add Skills filter to matchmaking screen
  • Increase slow flying speed by 40%

Bug Fixes:

  • Skills not initializing properly on first use
  • Purple screen when using a controller that is not controller 1
  • Empty chests
  • Locked chests and doors
  • Removed 'Change Device' option on Pause Menu Save. It can cause lost Avatars/Skills
  • Some maps freezing on the load screen, or shortly after
  • Inability to join Dig Deep maps
  • How To screen bluescreen
  • Opening Permission info screen bluescreen
  • Other bluescreens
  • Private Slots
  • In game music (not playing)
  • Local/global script notification option and inability to use capitals in the notification text
  • All issues with script commands
  • Document [percent] parameter in the script ClearRegion command
  • Skeleton key bugs
  • Spy holes
  • Drowning speed
  • Shop access permission
  • Nameplate visibility
  • Milk Bottle as usable food
  • Control Scheme 1.9 fixed


General Changes:

  • Hotbar transparency option added
  • Hotbar right hand cursor color changed to white
  • Hotbar now shows the names of the currently equipped items
  • Hotbar now allows cursor movement of both cursors in both directions
  • Sign Text capacity doubled
  • Torches added to Item Shop
  • Weapon mining times adjusted
  • Teleport script command added
  • Player Skill Level Up notifications added
  • Player Waiting To Sleep notification added
  • Mob Kill notifications removed (excluding Diablo)
  • Xbox Notifications moved to Top Right of screen
  • Player Health generation speed is now a constant
  • Option to toggle natural Mob spawning in Creative
  • Mobs option added to Zones in all game modes except Survival
  • Mobs now only attack other mobs that are not fighting, to reduce converging
  • Players can now strike with every punch (hand combat)
  • Waiting scripts no longer use up a background thread
  • Night time enemy mobs now only spawn in area's with no light
  • Coal now spawns near the surface and occasionally on the surface
  • All Ores now more plentiful, especially Coal, Iron, Carbon and Gold
  • Max Hit calculation changed
  • Max Health (hit points) calculation changed (Level 1 players now start at 10 HP)
  • Mob Combat levels recalculated to use new Max Hit and HP calculation changes
  • Scripts available to use in Dig Deep only once the Script Block blueprint has been found
  • Prospecting a block copies it's coordinates to the Script Editor clipboard for easy pasting into scripts

Bugs Fixed:

  • 4 Bluescreen error fixes
  • Healing others fixed
  • Rupture HD texture pack fixes
  • Hotbar sometimes disappearing
  • Remotes not getting Looting XP
  • Bonemeal overwriting some blocks
  • Code 4 Map caused by too many markers
  • Chests not emitting power when opened
  • Blueprints changing to Gold Coin blueprints
  • Mob Custom Health
  • Mobs dropping locked items in Dig Deep
  • Admins can no longer edit inside spawn zones
  • Sometimes chunk graphics don't reload after edits
  • Explosions detonated by power bypass Blast permission
  • Not For Sale items icon carrying over to system shops
  • Player proximity is inaccurate when placing blocks
  • Player health starting at 1 when joining a new world
  • Player health / strength levels not updated correctly to remotes
  • XP gained is more than 1 level (e.g., looting) causes extended green bar and negative xp to next level value
  • Saving components with invalid characters causes a Code 4 error
  • Clear block lag causing ability to place blocks on a block that should be cleared already
  • Overhead Map load freeze
  • Overhead Map graveyard markers not being removed after some time has elapsed
  • Overhead Map graveyard markers being saved/loaded as normal markers
  • Overhead Map admin markers being saved/loaded as normal markers
  • 10 different exploits fixed


General Changes:

  • Zone behaviour
  • New Zone option to specify a script to be executed when a player enters the zone
  • New Zone script command. Allows scripts to dynamically add/delete/modify zones
  • New [absolute|relative] option on script teleport command
  • Local players on the Host Xbox no longer need basic permissions granted to them on a new map
  • Players in a No-PvP zone can neither attack another player nor be attacked by another player

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugs relating to loss of Unlockables and Skill Levels
  • Incorrect Level Up message
  • Teleport to Player sometimes did not work
  • Opening Chests cause adjacent Locked Doors to open even if the player does not have access
  • Players could not attack when frozen by an Ice Ring or Ice Arrow
  • Sentry Turrets not damaging remote players
  • Wait command on scripts not always working correctly
  • Shop pricelists and when used in components
  • Balancing issues and exploits
  • Accepting invites and joining sessions in progress
  • Internal exceptions and bluescreens
  • Spy holes

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