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2.1 - 2.11 Changelog

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General Changes:

  • World saving stability greatly improved
  • World file size reduced in some cases
  • Major Audio System overhaul
  • 100+ new Sound effects
  • 41 Full length Music Tracks - Over 3.5 hours of music
  • Song Shuffle
  • Audio notification when a player joins your world
  • Global Skills Highscore Table
  • Title Screen Settings - Carry your settings to all maps
  • Massive update of new Script commands
  • Full Script command documentation available in game
  • More varied terrain generation
  • Terrain generation parameters exposed
  • Natural Flat world
  • Animated Liquid Physics
  • Weather: Rain, Hail, Fog
  • New Path, Wall and Line Creative tools added
  • Multiple clipboards in inventory supported
  • HUD Compass introduced
  • HUD Position Adjuster introduced
  • Player Waypoints introduced
  • All NPCs are now unlocked
  • NPCs can now be named
  • NPC blocks now work like Mob Spawn blocks
  • New progress screen for Unlockable Avatars
  • Zone Folders supported
  • Component Folders supported
  • Script Folders supported
  • History Folders supported
  • Sun and Moon back glow
  • Improved sunrise/sunset lighting
  • New Skilling and WIP Map Attributes introduced
  • Proximity Detector block, replacing Proximity Mine
  • One Way Glass and Steel Spikes now support multi-texture
  • Upside down Steel Spikes introduced
  • Binoculars added

Bugs Fixed:

  • Zone Builder
  • Clipboard Replace
  • Photo Album bluescreen
  • Join Session bluescreen
  • Marker block fixes
  • CopyRegion script command
  • Max Sign text limit fixed
  • Other Script fixes
  • Phantom WIFI Power problems
  • Spider Rings no longer work on Invisible Barriers
  • Lag caused by large zones
  • Sections of map not loading (void sections)
  • Mob Spawner fixes
  • Over 100 other fixes and internal improvements


General Changes:

  • Admin/Save/Grief permissions have been reset for all except host due to the 2.1 permission exploit
  • Combat Level Difference option (by World and Zone) introduced
  • Zone Speed and Gravity Multipliers introduced
  • Use of Lava buckets and Spider Eggs moved to Grief permission
  • Manual updating of Global Highscores table (rather than automatic)
  • Measure tool improvements
  • Script Documentation updated
  • Multi-line support in Script Editor
  • Script Test Syntax now ignores blank lines
  • Wait commands can now be used in NPC Talk scripts
  • Script Inventory command can now be used to stock player shops (Creative only)
  • Teflon supports multiple textures
  • Multi-Texture block supports One Way Glass texture
  • Blocks usable with creative tools have been reviewed, with more options now available
  • Improvements in bandwidth management for online games should give more consistent loading

Bug Fixes:

  • Components with signs not loading
  • Terminator Unlockable
  • Max length of component names
  • Hotbar disappearing
  • Wall and path tool errors in multiplayer
  • Spectate not showing weather effects properly
  • Dig Deep to Creative world conversion
  • Matchmaking screen not showing world file size
  • Relative script coordinates
  • Script permission command glitch
  • Remote History from Kill Scripts
  • Dialogs with long text
  • Flying collision damage removed
  • Hail Damage when above clouds
  • Spike textures
  • Proximity Detector blueprint
  • Texture pack bugs
  • Player held items not drawing properly in fog
  • Some Pre-1.8 world conversion fixes
  • Some glitches and exploits
  • Some internal networking errors
  • 26 unique bluescreens

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