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2.2 - 2.21 Changelog

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General Changes:

  • Dual Wielding (Both Hands) introduced
  • Single Wielding (Left or Right Hand) introduced
  • Skills Revamp[1]
  • Bobbing (optional) introduced
  • Terrain preview from Lobby introduced
  • Terrain custom tree frequency introduced
  • Generate Trees creative tool added
  • Some new Blocks and Items added
  • Some weapon stats rebalancing
  • System Shops and View Scripts permissions added
  • Stained Glass (16 colors) added
  • Sound, SkyColor, TintColor, IsRandom, MessageBox, Menu, Clan, IsClan, Skill[2], SkillAddXP script commands added
  • Mining tool power and XP rebalancing
  • Set Zone builder via Zone script command introduced
  • Some new item swinging animations
  • Held out shield gives double deflection chance
  • Stepping sound management improved
  • Arrows break glass blocks
  • Arrows power script blocks on/off
  • Tweaks to mob spawning on Skill enabled Survival worlds
  • Using Bonemeal on a Sapling now causes the tree to grow even if Finite Resources is off
  • Triggers can now be used for Page Up/Down on World Select screen, Unlockables screen and others
  • Remote avatars now show items held in both hands
  • Around 50 other minor tweaks and improvements

[1]: Skills Revamp.

  • Total XP needed to reach level 99 is reduced to around 2 million.
  • Local XP worlds supported - All players will start at level 1 when they first enter the world. Their XP is saved against the world so when they rejoin, their XP is set to what it was when they last left the world. Local XP worlds currently do not affect a players Global XP.
  • XP Multiplier for Local XP worlds. The host can choose the rate of XP gain (as a multiplier against the standard rate).

[2]: The Skill command allows scripts to set the Skill level of a player on worlds using Local XP.

  • The SkillAddXP command allows scripts to add XP to a players current XP for a skill, on worlds using Local XP.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Major improvements to Multiplayer loading times
  • Player maximum walking speed too slow (particularly on diagonals)
  • Some unlockable avatar requirement bugs fixed
  • Components with recently added textureable blocks not loading
  • Problem of sign text being lost is fixed
  • Keyboard input screen going into a hard loop
  • Grave markers not showing unless there is at least one normal marker
  • Gravity bug not allowing climbing up stairs, ramps, half blocks
  • Can hurt oneself if flying upwards too fast
  • HasInventory [true|false] parameter fixed
  • Move and Copy script commands affected by No Edit zones
  • Matchmaking screen now shows world file size correctly
  • Spawn timing fixed on MobSpawner blocks
  • Proximity block bug fixed
  • NPC dialog screen bug in Multiplayer
  • A couple of instant death bug fixes
  • Some script Test Syntax bugs fixed
  • Some circuitry errors fixed (phantom power)
  • Some networking errors fixed
  • Teleports bug fixed
  • Shop bug fixed
  • Around 50 other minor bug fixes


General Changes:

  • A new creative marker block (Exclude Marker)
  • Burning furnaces now power adjacent blocks
  • World time/date stamp introduced
  • Three new script commands added
  • +|- modifier added to Skill script command

Fixes Completed:

  • Code 4 (bluescreen) when loading a world (before lobby screen opens)
  • Code 4 (bluescreen) when backing out of the Find Sessions screen
  • Code 4 (bluescreen) if you die when changing items on a menu screen
  • Code 4 (bluescreen) when viewing history under certain conditions
  • Code 4 (bluescreen) when joining a share session by invite
  • Game freeze if you shoot an arrow in bedrock
  • Skill levels not always transmitting to remotes
  • Mob spawners not spawning or sporadic
  • Natural passive and enemy mobs sometimes not spawning
  • Markers bugs
  • Ambient torch light under water
  • HasInventory [false]
  • Spiders fall damage
  • Safes not requiring power to open
  • Building in player space
  • Breaking a Wifi Receiver doesn't give a pick up
  • Spiders spawning on creative maps even when enemy mobs are turned off
  • Some avatars can't walk through a 2 block high gap
  • Copying Wifi Transmitters
  • Copying Ambient Sound Blocks
  • Some Unlockables fixes (Soldier/Indian/Caveman)
  • Shop permission not turned on in pre-2.2 worlds
  • Buckets not requiring edit permission to fill
  • Ice Ring not degrading
  • Incorrect dig speed on single wielding
  • Placement sound played when swinging at air on single wielding
  • Artifacts left when replacing certain blocks in a clipboard
  • NPC models remaining after the NPC has been changed
  • NPC Talk Scripts not activating if there is a Wait command
  • AddPickup script command spawning a pickup for every remote player
  • History log edits not propagating to remotes
  • Action log updates not propagating to remotes
  • Excessive/incorrect Level up messages
  • Not equipping another stack of the same block if the current stack runs out
  • Half doors problem
  • Arrows keys too sensitive
  • Upside down spikes not causing damage
  • Possible Titanium War Hammer problem
  • Blueprint bug
  • Clipboard render bug
  • Negative gravity causes sound spam
  • All permission types added to HasPermission script command
  • Shops & Viewscripts added to Permission script command
  • IsBlock script command now recognizes Bedrock
  • Relative Coordiantes no longer cause script syntax errors
  • Some incorrect Mining/Use skill requirement info fixed
  • Sledge Hammers not able to break Spider Eggs
  • Skill script command 1 XP short of level
  • Single Wield bug

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