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2.3 Changelog

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General Changes:

  • Clan History
  • Clans are now saved on the world file
  • Zone builder can now also be a Clan
  • Pane (Retexturable) and Stained Glass Pane block
  • Post (thick post) block (with new texture). Retexturable
  • Marker block and Exclude Marker block textures added to Multi Texture block
  • Cloud block is now retexturable
  • Cave generation toggle on Creative maps
  • Game now pauses when Pause Menu is opened in Single Player games
  • You can now place blocks on top of ramps
  • Escape can now be disabled for a zone
  • Script Aliases (short names)
  • Support for player relative script coordinates
  • [delete] option added to Rain and Hail script commands
  • All script commands that use 2D coords now support relative coordinates
  • Adventure Scripts: Admin assigned scripts that any player can execute for themselves
  • Event Driven Scripts: Admin assigned scripts that automatically execute on certain game events
  • [admin|clan|remote] option added to script notify command
  • [gamertag|clan|history|syshistory|clanhistory] text substitution now available in all script commands that use a [text] parameter

New Script Commands:

  • Health - Allows manipulation of player health points
  • SetReach - Allows control of the distance players can reach (target) blocks
  • OpenBlock - Opens container blocks and presents the transfer interface
  • IsGamerCount - Queries the number of gamers in the session
  • IsBlockEdited - Queries if the block at a location has been edited
  • IsBlockLightSource  - Queries if the block at a location is a light source (emits light)
  • IsBlockLit - Queries if the block at a location contains light
  • IsBlockOre - Queries if the block at a location is an ore block
  • IsBlockPassable - Queries if a player can pass through the block at a location
  • IsBlockDeliveringPower - Queries if a block is delivering power (to adjacent blocks)
  • IsBlockReceivingPower  - Queries if a block is receiving power from an adjacent power emitting block (This command has replaced the old IsPowered command)
  • IsBlockSolid - Queries if the block at a location is a solid block (players cannot see through it or see through parts of it)
  • IsClock - Queries the current game hour (24 hour clock)
  • IsDayTime - Queries if it is currently Day time
  • IsNightTime - Queries if it is currently Night time

New Items:

  • Chisel

New Blocks:

  • Pane
  • StainedGlassPane
  • Post
  • PolishedBasalt
  • PolishedAndesite
  • PolishedDacite
  • PolishedDiorite
  • PolishedTuff
  • PolishedSerpentine
  • PolishedGabbro
  • PolishedGranite
  • PolishedKomatiite
  • PolishedMarble
  • PolishedRhyolite
  • PolishedGreenstone
  • PolishedBasaltBrick
  • PolishedAndesiteBrick
  • PolishedDaciteBrick
  • PolishedDioriteBrick
  • PolishedTuffBrick
  • PolishedSerpentineBrick
  • PolishedGabbroBrick
  • PolishedGraniteBrick
  • PolishedKomatiiteBrick
  • PolishedMarbleBrick
  • PolishedRhyoliteBrick
  • PolishedGreenstoneBrick

Bugs Fixed:

  • Code 4 (bluescreen) when saving new components on a new component pack
  • 15 other unique Code 4 (bluescreen) errors fixed
  • Zone edit screen text miss alignment
  • Sign texture select bug (Dig Deep only)
  • Multi-texture block walking sound
  • Mobs that just won't die
  • Host not updated with Remote script deletions
  • Inventory Move script command fix
  • Some SetBlock script command validation added
  • Painting and Locked Chest textures re-included
  • Some Teleport fixes
  • Eating (and related) bug
  • Single wielding fixes
  • Key's can't be placed on the ground
  • MC360 Control Scheme bug
  • Cylinder texture on Winter HD
  • Dozens of internal exceptions fixed

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