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2.4 - 2.44 Changelog

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General Changes:

  • Particle Emitter block added
  • Original Remade texture pack added
  • Total Rush arcade added
  • Total Invaders reskin
  • Musical Notes, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti added to Ambient Sounds
  • Player Text Messaging (shortcut key: Dpad Up + A)
  • Clan banners on player nameplates
  • Setup screens added for each Creative tool
  • Panes no longer connect to crops
  • Dynamic clouds
  • Wind - Affects clouds, particles, crops and flora
  • Naturally falling leaf particles
  • Worlds using the Work In Progress attribute do not prompt players for a rating

Bugs Fixed:

  • 4 blue screens fixed
  • Several internal exceptions fixed
  • Copy/Rename worlds
  • Texture Pack fixes
  • Single Wielding glitches
  • Grenade Launcher durability
  • Some blueprints not generating
  • Pause Menu freeze (Controller 1)
  • Map Owner for remotes on new maps
  • Single Player Pause cancels floods
  • Teflon texture not being retained as block falls
  • Sentry Turrets not using Bronze arrows
  • Texture Pack switching causing crashes
  • Blueprint finder pointing to an empty space
  • Crouching under Trapdoors can cause instant death
  • Sudden lag if the game is paused for several minutes
  • Incorrect sounds playing while on the loading screen
  • Placing doors with auto placement can break them again
  • Zones not updating properly if their bounds are edited
  • Opening a Locked Door with a switch only opens half the door

Script Additions:

  • Loop command
  • Explosion command
  • HasPlayer command
  • IsBlockTexture command
  • SetEventScript command
  • Particle command
  • ParticleEmitter command
  • AddPickup script command changed to Pickup
  • [r,g,b] parameter added to Notify script command
  • [clear] parameter added to Pickup script command to clear all pickup's
  • [count] parameter now supports history substitution for a number of script commands (see docs)
  • Scripts are now compiled to bytecode (more efficient execution)
  • Some script execution diagnostics
  • Better script syntax error checking

Script Bugs Fixed:

  • Unequip fixed
  • Spawning invalid Mob types
  • Some script coordinate offset issues
  • Add [clan] specifiers to script documentation
  • Player Leaves event script causing purple screen
  • Editing a script comment command adds extra slashes
  • Zone's not updating properly if their bounds are edited
  • Zone script commands applying when Test Syntax is selected
  • Renaming/Deleting Scripts not updating Adventure/Event scripts
  • Assigning/unassigning Event scripts not propagating to remotes
  • Assigning/unassigning Adventure scripts not propagating to remotes
  • Access to the Adventure script menu now requires Adventure permission
  • Test Script syntax incorrectly reporting invalid coordinates when relative coordinates used


General Changes:

  • New block: CoverBlock (Grass, Snow, Ice, Dirt textures)
  • New Item: Decal Applicator
    • Decals: Cracks, Bloodsplat, Slime, Dirt, Scorchmark, Cobweb, Bloodscratch, Mesh, Woodbracing, Footprint, Moss, Bones
  • Sunboxes and Powered Lights now texturable
  • Text Messages show target audience
  • Text Message Presets support folders
  • Text Message Log
  • Custom ParticleEmitter block templates
  • Copy ParticleEmitter block settings to Script editor clipboard
  • Community made Clan Banners added (see forums)
  • Sideways Wood, Birch, Crate, Retro, Rasta
  • Global Scripts - Prefix a script name with 'Global\' to make it a global script
  • New script commands: IsNameplate, SetNameplate, Kick, Exit, HUDBar
  • Updated Script Documentation
  • Script particles support player relative positions without block snap
  • Script particles support player view relative velocity
  • Replace Text option in script editor
  • Open Script option in script editor
  • Option to view all Clan Banners
  • New Texture Pack: Cyberpunk by "PWRBTTN" and "Dryym"

Bugs Fixed:

  • Skills/Unlockables data not saving for some gamers
  • Server tags not saving for some gamers
  • Force English format when parsing numbers
  • Renaming Auto-Save files makes them unloadable
  • Admins option to Kick host (removed)
  • Network packet bug with Teflon
  • SetEventScript not working for all blocks/items
  • SystemShops and TextChat permissions re-enabling
  • Pressure Plates not activating for remotes
  • Tooltips toggle on Options screen
  • History/HasHistory script command bug
  • Scripted message boxes required A, X or Y option
  • Arcade Block mining sound
  • Total Rush Glitch fixed - Highscores reset
  • Underwater/Spectating glitch
  • Script to Script coordinate issues
  • IsClock script command wasn't supporting history substitution
  • A proximity detector issue
  • Texture pack paintings LOD not loading for same texture pack on 2nd world load
  • CCTV now supports TintColor [player]
  • Many other minor bug fixes



  • New Blocks: Stack, UpsideDownStack
  • New Items: Wand, 6 Staves, 3 Potions
  • Item Options - enable/disable specific item use in your world
  • New script commands: MobHealth, MobState, Intersect, Context, SetBlockScript
  • OpenBlock script command supports NPC speech bubble
  • NPC Setup screen supports empty speech (no speech bubble will open)
  • Improved item swing synch between remotes
  • Decal Applicator use now more user friendly
  • Players can now turn off their own voice chat permission
  • Matchmaking screen now supports sorting by column
  • Temporary (player specific, scripted) Zones
  • Stackable Snowlayers
  • Voice Chat indicator

Bugs Fixed:

  • Bad Highscore data which can cause problems creating or loading worlds
  • Bluescreen when editing a script command that was extended using Replace text
  • Scripts not executing when player has Guide Keyboard open
  • Global Scripts problem on shared worlds
  • Save times dramatically increased because of Global Scripts (fixed)
  • Toggling Skills on/off temporarily corrupted players Health bar
  • NPC text can only be changed by owner if Show Owner is on
  • Coverblock footprint noise, texture replace names, and top face texture
  • Decal changes not always transmitted to remotes
  • Able to use Decal Applicator in no edit zones, Decal Applicator item texture flipped
  • Now need either Creative or Admin permission to set an arcade game
  • World Ratings now viewable in game by remotes
  • Door texturing and lighting issues
  • Locked Chest/Decal mixup
  • Paintings LOD Texture problem
  • Pasting sideways blocks
  • HUDBar alignment issues


General Changes:

  • Health Block
  • Chat log filters
  • Sphere creative tool
  • Avatar instance cap removed
  • 12 new Potion items + Bullet item
  • 5 new Decals + Cracks and Stained Glass as Decals and 1 new Cover block
  • Instant reseed on map preview screen
  • Proximity setting on Particle Emitter blocks
  • Improved PRNG (more efficient, less predictable, better dispersion)
  • Option to copy a book to a script (press left bumper on the book)
  • Marker blocks can now be replaced with Creative Replace tool
  • Picking a Stack block also picks its level (Unequip to reset)
  • Skill icons available from shop (must enable in item options first)
  • Players now require Creative permission to break Invisible Barrier blocks
  • Clan protection game option (members of same clan cannot attack each other)
  • Now must be in a world for at least 2 minutes before you can rate
  • Non participating visitors and their rates will be purged (less than 60 secs in map)
  • GK reset. Host your world and get 1 rate to unlock again

Script Additions:

  • Variables
    • 12 new script commands: Var, IsVar, Input, Blueprint, Item, SetSphere, HasStatBonus, HUDCounter, HUDShape, HUDText, IsBlockOpen, IsBlockResistance
  • SetEventScript [ItemEquip,ItemUnequip,ButtonX,ButtonY,ButtonB]
  • All item event scripts for ItemSwing, ItemEquip and ItemUnequip
  • Menu/MessageBox [NoCancel]
  • Context [killer]
  • Cursor, Target and Killer relative coordinates
  • HasSkill command now accepts Combat and Total
  • IsBlockLit changed to IsLit and IsLight
  • Global\System examples
  • RAM usage added to script diagnostics
  • Mobs killed with Health or MobHealth commands now execute their kill script
  • Additional option on CCTV command
  • Additional keyboard support
  • Search and Replace options

Bugs Fixed:

  • Stack block side texture fix
  • Stack block/Upside Down Stack block placement inconsistencies
  • Stack blocks and Snow layers now drop same number as level when broken
  • Snow layers collision when stacked (4 or more levels)
  • HUDBar fixes
  • Looting exploit
  • Flint Arrow description
  • Not Used 78 - Replace Texture
  • Script IsEquipped command fixed
  • MobState command affecting players
  • Yliaster, Eitr, and Ichor Potion stat
  • Intersect command has no documentation
  • Splinter animation not using full texture
  • Marker block placement removing other blocks
  • ParticleEmitter script command docs (gravity)
  • Copy particle settings to clipboard bug (gravity)
  • Adding a new history inside a folder duplicates the folder
  • Temp zones no longer created when created relative to a mob
  • Some hand held durability issues fixed (e.g. Water Talisman)
  • Arcade Highscores updated across session in real-time; GT added
  • Opening the Item Options screen unlocks all items on DD and Survival worlds
  • Items with no durability shouldn't be removed when swung with an ItemSwingEvent script assigned
  • Some minor item skill level tweaks

Note: v2.41 was the submitted version after an issue regarding XBLIG publishing nullifying v2.4's release; change noted were minor fixes.

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