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2.5 Changelog

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General Changes:

  • Corner ramps (auto)
  • Posts can be positioned in corners
  • Ramps2, Stairs2, Halfblocks2, Stacks2, Post2, MT2 (for more textures)
  • 6 new tech blocks (most emit light)
  • 5 new color blocks
  • 2 new crops
  • 15 herbs
  • Demigods are now unlockable
  • New [*move] MobState script command option
  • IsInZone and SetRegionAux script commands
  • Added var [hash:text], [eye:x|y|z], [sqrt:x]
  • SetEventScript accepts position and scale for Button events

Bugs Fixed:

  • Measure and Remove Marker menu items swapped
  • Item script command properties clamped
  • Heal property added to Item script command
  • Chat log filters not showing sent messages
  • Decimal point spam on number entry windows
  • Script particle command not finding custom templates
  • Script Skill command fix
  • Script documentation fixes
  • [r,g,b] now defaults alpha to 255
  • Sphere tool capped when using multiple markers
  • Handyman and Chef unlockable fixed
  • Some textures realigned
  • Creative tool seed / remote synch problems fixed
  • Script IsRandom [rand:x] remote synch fixed
  • Locked Door key bug fixed
  • Some sound issues fixed
  • Some exploits removed
  • CCTV flashing removed
  • Messagebox NoCancel fixed
  • HUD fixes
  • Ramp lighting fixes
  • Various other fixes

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