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2.7 Features

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  • The Dig Deep game mode is now enabled.

General changes:

  • PRESS ANY KEY prompt removed from startup screen.
  • Enemy NPCs now attack as expected.
  • Rock layer transition noise.
  • Hotbar Mouse wheel now works properly for single hand wielding.
  • NPC spawn block loot tables disabled for Dig Deep and Survival game modes.
  • Some gamepad/keyboard icon fixes.
  • PgUp/PgDn keys swapped for Books.
  • Inputs added for dropping items directly from hotbar, and rebuild local light.
  • Some RAM management tweaks.
  • Some anti-piracy measures implemented.
  • Script Mob commands changed to NPC. (Mob still supported for backwards compatability).
  • AI and dialog options added to NPC spawn script command.
  • A few other small bug fixes.

Mod Changes:

  • Some C# API changes.
  • Manage Mods item removed from Setup menu. Use the Lobby screen instead.
  • Added support for modded multiplayer servers (GetPluginNet).
  • Added support for Arcade block game custom resolution.
  • Added support for large numbers of new modded items. Shop screen has page #;
  • Added CanBreatheUnderWater and ShowHitBoxes to NPC xml.


  • Fixed corrupting saves bug


  • Dig Deep Blueprint and Wisdom Scroll fixes.
  • Several internal improvements and fixes.
  • C# Modding API expanded.
  • C# Modding API doc updates (xml).

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