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1.5 Changelog

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General Changes:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Out of Memory errors reduced
  • Auto Save intoduced
  • Beds added
  • More Food Types added
  • Bows and Arrows added
  • Locked Chest added
  • Craftable Shops introduced
  • Improved Blueprint Finder
  • Unlockables/Avatars introduced
  • Placeable NPC's with custom speech bubbles introduced

Online Multiplayer:

  • An Xbox Live Gold account is required to play online multiplayer
  • Guests are supported
  • System Link games are supported
  • Up to 24 players online
  • Up to 4 local players
  • Private slots supported
  • Existing worlds supported
  • Dig Deep and Creative modes supported
  • Player Invites supported
  • Player Permissions
  • Anti-Grief measures
  • Servers rateable
  • Player nameplates

Note: There were no updates between v1.1 and v1.5

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