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1.6 - 1.65 Changelog

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  • Bug fixes
  • Memory improvements, massive worlds can now be saved
  • "Waiting for Game Data" removed when joining other worlds
  • Improved world joining; Less dropped connections and Xbox freezes
  • Contents of Chests and Furnaces protected by Grief Permission
  • Destroying Spawn Blocks protected by Grief Permission
  • Destroying Shops protected by Grief Permission
  • Editing NPC speech protected by Grief Permission
  • Killing NPC's protected by Grief Permission
  • Spiders now only drop items with a shop value > 800 gold
  • Increased movement speed through water
  • Auto repeat placement no longer requires Grief Permission
  • Legendary mode blueprint placement fixed
  • Button X now lifts half a stack
  • Hippie , Knight and Cowboy unlockables fixed
  • Woven leaves must now be crafted
  • Spiders now much more aggressive (Beware!)
  • InvaderMan is easier to unlock


  • Server/World Database (see below)
  • Save permission and remote saves
  • Crate block added, a cheap block, up to 20 slots
  • Fence Block added (not fully functional)
  • Finite resources toggle, Creative maps can behave like Dig Deep maps
  • Locked Doors, Sentry Turrets, Steel Spikes, 6 new Arrow types, Sun Block added
  • Replaced pain sound for female avatars
  • New Light Box, same strength as sunlight, an alternative to torches
  • Creative Measure operation

Server/ World Database:

  • The Game now remembers all the worlds you visit
  • The join screen indicates if you have visited a world before
  • You can flag worlds as favourites
  • The join screen shows the map name
  • The join screen shows the overall rating AND your rating



  • Rename World and Copy World bugs fixed
  • Storage / saving problems
  • Saving bluescreen
  • Shopping bluescreen
  • Several other bluescreens fixed
  • Player invites
  • Player permissions
  • Server ratings
  • Unlockables no longer reset
  • Server database will no longer reset
  • Remote gamers getting stuck while walking
  • Crafting glitch (not using all stacks)
  • Golden Knight and King glitch
  • Shop block pickups are now destructable
  • Turrets target changes no longer local only
  • PvP bug fixed
  • Page 3 of item shop now shows in split-screen
  • Bows and Arrows now unlocked for v1.1 creative maps
  • Various other smaller bugs/glitches fixed
  • Improvements to reduce host and remote load during MP games
  • New special seed added

Note: There were no updates between v1.6 and v1.65

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