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Default Controls/Inputs

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Currently for non-gamepad users, the default controls are awful and nonsensical for newcomers, and even older users who decide to try playing without a gamepad.

Example: hands; by default, the left hand is swung with the right mouse button, and the right hand is swung with the left mouse button. It simply does not make sense outside of the argument of the left hand being for passive items, such as blocks, which was nullified before PC's release with properly dual-wielding support. Another would be the default drop keys: 1 for dropping items in the left hand, 2 for the right. Not only do this make no sense and can cause in-game consequences for inexperienced users (dropping their tools into deep lakes or into lava), but it is not consistent with the rest of the numbers, which do as expected and swap the hand to that cursor position in the hotbar. There are plenty of other issues regarding the default controls, and they should be redone to be less horrid for everyone to use.

The image provided is every input available for modifying in-game, with my suggestions for a better default binding and comments.


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