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  1. Noticed that too, only happens when you scroll all the way to bottom for topics page, I will try and do something about but it may take some time to get around too since it's really minor since only affects mods, and likely need to contact help to fix.
  2. Plans are to disable it, and later use a different theme for light theme, not priority for me to work on light theme atm though
  3. Total Miner's development which has been on hiatus since March of 2019, will now be resuming. Our long awaited multiplayer update is expected to release spring 2020.Upcoming update priorities: MonoGame port Multiplayer networking code Correcting mouse control stability General bug fixes and tweaks are expected as well, but the above will likely be the major items you can expect.We apologize for the lack of communication over the past year, and will be doing our very best to stay transparent and open with the community. We are thankful for the tremendous support everyone has given TM over the years.You can follow our progress in detail here: sure to join us on our official Discord server here:
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    Test mod 1

    Great mod Geat mod Yes cool
  5. TM Steve

    Test mod 1

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is my cool mod 1